Allen County 4-H Horse and Pony Clubs


Your 2016 Leaders for Sporthorse are

Marilou Linnemeier, Andi Adams, Naoma Sparks, Joannie Tumbleson, Jennifer Malcolm and Dale Linnemeier.

Meetings are January 9th, at the New Haven Library beginning at 10:00, January 24 at 2:00 (Showmanship & Halter Clinc, 8415 SR 205, Churubusco) February 6th, New Haven Library 10:00 a.m.. February 20 or 21st TBA, March 5 New Haven Library 10 a.m.   March 19, TBA, April 9 New Haven Library 10 a.m., April 30, May, and June TBA.  If you have questions, please contact Andi 260-632-5053

Stall dimensions
Front of stall NOT including the door - from the ground to grid is 4' from the grid to the top of stall is 3'.  the width is 6'  the door is approx 3' 2" wide and 6'.  Remember these are all approximate.  NONE of the stalls are square.
Click below for a handout on the state rules for what bits they can use for different disciplines--supplement for our discussion.  Also contains some misc info on fitting bits and how different ones work.